Demonstration of Problem Oriented View (POV)

Rationale for POV Approach


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June 29, 2019 7:24pm


Kristin Lewicki -- Physician


UW Health


Problem Oriented View functionality would be terrific! Functionality in the problem list that would allow me to click a tab that brings up relevant labs, medications, imaging studies, procedures that have been done would be immensely helpful. This would save time by obviating the need to go clicking around to each of these areas (eg medications, tab, lab tab, imaging tab, encounters tab) and then scrolling to try to find the relevant meds, labs, notes that are pertinent to the problem. Currently, I frequently find myself manually recording or copying and pasting: meds being taken, results of last labs, most recent imaging results, and even portions of specialist’s assessment and plans- for quick and easy review via the problem list. It makes management much quicker when I need a quick look during the patient’s “annual exam” or in doing a med refill or fielding a question via telephone call (or My Chart) for instance. Having this automated? it would save so much time!

June 29, 2019 7:24pm


Jeremy Smith -- Physician


University of Wisconsin


I think there are a lot of clinicians who would appreciate having one centralized area where they could access all relevant information for a particular problem. That would potentially cut down on a lot of repetitive searching and looking that people might do, in order to find necessary information. In particular, I believe having relevant subspecialty notes attached would potentially be a big time-saver, and improve clinical efficiency.

June 29, 2019 7:24pm


Pam Ryan -- Physician


Uw health


I would like to see the ability to click on a problem and then have all the associated labs notes, radiologic procedures, etc.