Demonstration of Problem Oriented View (POV)

Rationale for POV Approach


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Problem List


  Diabetes  [M L C]


  Epilepsy  [M L I P C H]


  Degenerative Joint Disease  [M L C]

Presence of Data Icons

M = Relevant Medications

L = Relevant Labs

I = Relevant Imaging Results

P = Relevant Procedure Results

C = Relevant Clinic Notes

H = Relevant Hospitalizations

Instructions: On this demonstration page the Epilepsy problem is programmed with easily accessible, relevant data to illustrate the value of an Automatic Problem Oriented View. Click on the triangle adjacent to Epilepsy to see the automatically associated data.

Red icons will be used in production to indicate presence of data. The yellow icons above for Diabetes and Degenerative Joint Disease are used purely for this demonstration to indicate that a patient with these problems may likely have data in these categories, but this is not included in this demo page.